Words for the Wedding: Creative Ideas for Choosing and Using Hundreds of Quotations to Personalize Your Vows, Toasts, Invitations and More

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This book packed with a huge variety of quotes, poems, excerpts. The book uses a wide range of creative sources (movies, love letters, poetry, plays, etc.) and will give you lots of ideas and starting points for elements of your own wedding.

Nearly 2.5 million couples will walk down the aisle in 2001 and each couple will want to find the perfect words to make their wedding as eloquent as it is elegant. Fathers and mothers of brides and grooms, bestmen, maids of honor, friends, and family will want to find a creative way to express the sentiments of the day. This book will show them how.

With hundreds of classical and contemporary poems, quotes, quips, and blessings to choose from, no one involved in the wedding celebration will be at a loss for words. And, unlike other guides, Words for the Wedding takes readers beyond vows and explains (with examples) not only how to make a great toast but how to use quotes inventively for pre-wedding parties, invitations, receptions, and more! A must-have guide for anyone involved with a wedding.

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