Wedding Invitations (Hardcover)

wedding invitation

The product visually attractive, and provides the useful information that make this a must-have item for anyone about to get married.

A wedding invitation heralds the good news of two people making a commitment and also reveals the style and tone of that highly anticipated day. Gone are the days when a couple’s major decision about their invitations was choosing between white or ecru paper-today’s invitations come in an incredible array of materials, colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. And the often complex structure of modern families makes wording invitations a challenge. The first book to fully address these topics, Wedding Invitations takes couples from original idea to finished product, no matter how simple or extravagant their vision.

The book presents both traditional and modern designs, details the many different types of inks, papers, and printing methods available, and discusses how to deal with ceremony cards, response cards, maps, and other enclosures. The text covers all aspects of invitation etiquette, from acknowledging various family members in the most appropriate way, to properly wording inner and outer envelopes. Wedding Invitations offers advice on desktop publishing, working with a designer or calligrapher, papermaking, and doing your own letterpress printing. Since many guests cherish the invitation as a memento long after the ceremony has passed, this is a must-have for the newly engaged. AUTHOR BIO: JENNIFER CEGIELSKI is a writer and editor and the former content director of The Knot. She has covered all aspects of weddings, from gowns to flowers to cakes. She lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.

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