Wedding Dress with Bolero Jacket X-Small Ivory Promotional Offer

This Wedding Dress with Bolero Jacket X-Small Ivory is delightfully well made. It really is stand out in a crowd. This dress is more amazing in person compared to the picture. Totally amazing, very complementing and well made. Showed up quickly and well packaged. Strongly suggested and definitely worth the money. You should definitely select a size that may match you. I used this to my daughter wedding which i was in and I received many compliments. This dress is extremely slimming, it slims down your waistline and this covers the tummy area.

Product description: The groom will be mesmerized as you walk down the aisle in this enchanting dress. Scoop neckline and an upswept skirt are elegant features on this sleeveless lace dress, while sequins and pearl lace appliqu├ęs accent the lace bolero jacket. Dress size chart A.
Product features:

  • Natural Train
  • Sleeveless with Bolero Jacket
  • Scoop Neckline
  • Size Chart A
  • Catalog Item 54384

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