Strapless Formal Prom Lace Dress Long Gown #920 (8, Black/Gold) Discount Price

This Strapless Formal Prom Lace Dress Long Gown #920 (8, Black/Gold) is delightfully well made. It is stand out in a crowd. This gown appeared much better than the picture. Definitely lovely, very perfect and well made. Showed up quickly and well packaged. I will recommend this gown and also this seller. You just need to use the measuring chart and it will fit good. I was wearing this to my daughters wedding which i was in and I gotten many compliments. This dress is extremely slimming, it slims down your waist and it covers the tummy area.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.
  • Please select your size from OUR own size chart, located next to the original picture posted. Please DO NOT refer to Amazon size chart, by clicking on “See merchant’s sizing charts”.

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Review: Its a Beauty
I was nervous and excited to order this ball dress, nervous because I’ve never worn a lace ball dress and excited because it looks so pretty online. The dress came in 3 days…..Awesome speed! I ordered the next size up according to the size chart they suggest doing so. I am taking the train off and getting the top tailored to my size. The hips and waist fit perfect. Im smaller on top so I knew I’d have to get that fixed. The dress is very well made and it looks sooo pretty in person. Great lace material, it doesnt feel cheap at all, very soft. I am happy with my purchace and cant wait to wear it 🙂 The shape of the dress also gives you a slim look.