Party Dress New Designer Long Gown Sizes 16-26 #635 (18, Navy) Big Discount

This Party Dress New Designer Long Gown Sizes 16-26 #635 (18, Navy) is wonderfully well made. It’s very comfortable and gave me confidence. This dress seemed a lot better than the picture. The dress is incredibly well made and also the beading is beautifully done. Showed up quickly and well packaged. Strongly suggested and really worth the money. You should select a size that can fit you. I used this to my daughter wedding which i was in and I received many compliments. This dress is very slimming, it slims down your waistline and it covers the tummy area.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.
  • Please select your size from OUR own size chart, located next to the original picture posted. Please DO NOT refer to Amazon size chart, by clicking on “See merchant’s sizing charts”.

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Review: Lovely Dress
I needed a dress for a last minute wedding invite, so I ordered this one in eggplant. It was beautiful!! The detail around the waist consists of beads and rhinestones – much prettier then the picture! It came with thin little spaghetti straps that were too long and a matching shawl that I didn’t use – nice additions considering I didn’t know they came with the dress. The material was nice and it covered the problem areas. I’m almost 5’4” and with the right shoes that gave me a few extra inches, it was the perfect length. It sort of floated just about my toes….
The only real problem I had was with the bust area – which was my fault- the dress I ordered was a few inches bigger then I am in that area and I should have stuck to the measurement chart that the seller provided. Anyway, I pinned it and wore my regular bra with the dress – I know that sounds tacky but this really was a last minute thing – and I paired it with a shrug, which covered up my little alteration and…