Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #630 (X-Large, Burgundy) Great Deal

This Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #630 (X-Large, Burgundy) was completely beautiful. It is stand out in a crowd. This gown is much more amazing in person compared to picture. The dress is incredibly well made and the beading is wonderfully done. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Strongly recommended and worth the money. You need to simply use the measuring information and it’ll suit good. I used this to my daughters wedding that i was in and I got many compliments. This dress is extremely slimming, it slims down your waist and it also covers the tummy area.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.

Item Page Detail: Please go to Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #630 (X-Large, Burgundy) for sale price.

Review: 20% Restocking Fee
I ordered two dresses to try on for my son’s wedding. They seemed “over engineered,” lots of boning, heavy, etc. When I asked for return information, they said they would exchange them. Finally, I got a return authorization #, and after paying return shipping and a 20% restocking fee, it ended up costing me $64 to try them on. After 2 months, my refund still hadn’t been applied, so I had to contact them again. Finally, the much reduced credit was applied. They are definitely not like your Nordstrom’s or Macy’s…not nearly as reliable.