Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #630 (6XL, Royal Blue) Best Offer

The dress was absolutely beautiful. I strongly suggest you purchase in accordance with the sizing chart. I was wearing this to my daughters wedding which i was in and I received a lot of compliments. This gown is extremely slimming, it slims down your waistline and it covers the tummy area. It really is stand out in a crowd. This gown is a lot more gorgeous in person compared to the picture. The dress is extremely well made and also the beading is wonderfully done. It came more quickly than I expected. Strongly recommended and definitely worth the money.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.

Item Page Detail: Check Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #630 (6XL, Royal Blue) for best deal offer.

Review: Elegant, beautiful gown…got it super fast…but
I ordered this gown in the eggplant. I got it today. It is lovely! I was looking for a gown for a big lady. Rather than a gown designed for a smaller frame but in my size. This gown isn’t skimpy and revealing. It has nice coverage, minimizes certain areas and gives an overall good look on my figure. Good for busty pear shapes. The embroidery and stone design along with the sash at the hip make a nice accent. It runs close to the seller’s measurement chart.

Buts: The beadwork over the breast needs a bit more continuity and design or simply be left off. I think the gown would be lovely without it. The seller has no contact number nor is there any info on the details of the material in the amazon description. Specific fabric name isn’t listeed in the dress either. Shipping by USPS for two days is horribly expensive.