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Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #552 (Large, Burgundy) Get Best Deal

This dress is wonderfully well made. You need to simply use the measuring chart and it’ll suit good. I used this to my daughters wedding that i was in and I got a lot of compliments. This dress is very slimming, it slims down your waistline and this covers the tummy area. It is really stand out in a crowd. This gown appeared far better than the picture. Completely beautiful, very perfect and well made. Showed up quickly and well packaged. Highly recommended and really worth the money.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.

Item Page Detail: Go to Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress #552 (Large, Burgundy) for promo offer.

Review: Stevie Nicks on A Bad Day
It didn’t show the color I was ordering in the window. When I got it, it had blue iridescent beads on it, and the olive color was too light. The sleeves were a funky see-through lace. Amazon charged me a 20% restocking fee (!) and the postage to return the dress was $11.75. You only have 5 days to request the RMA. I was very disappointed in Amazon. I have had great service up till this order.