Flower Girls Dress Multi Sequin Beaded Dress Teal Blue Baby , Teal Blue, Fits size 5 to 6 Promo Discount

This dress is delightfully well made. It is stand out in a crowd. This gown looked a lot better than the picture. Definitely amazing, very complementing and well made. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Hopefully my reviews help any women who chooses this dress. Simply use the measuring data and this will suit good. I used this to my daughter wedding that i was in and I got many compliments. This dress is very slimming, it slims down your waist and this covers the tummy area.

Product description: Flower Girls Dress Sequin Glitter Beaded Dress Wedding Prom Bridesmaid Gold
Product features:

  • Sleeveless Bodice adorned with large & Small Sequins
  • Two layer mesh skirt with Ruffled Hem
  • Removable Two tone Flower Pin
  • Additional netting under the skirt & Tea Length
  • **Bonus Free Headband & Made in USAƊ

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Review: Beautiful “one time wear” dress

Beautiful dress. Shipping was fast. My. 2yr old daughter wore it for Chritmas Eve dinner and after a few hours she complained of her arms hurting and when I looked she had red marks and bleeding scratches- the sequins were scratching her all up. She only wore her dress for a few hours but when she took it off I saw that the skirt had several tears in it all in the tulle. I don’t think this is a problem with the actual dress it’s probably just a risk a parent takes when putting a tulle skirt on a child. I wish the dress had lasted more than one wear for the price bc it is so beautiful. I do recommend a cardigan to prevent the sequins from hurting your little ones arms.