Crane's Wedding Blue Book: Styles & Etiquette of Announcemnts, Invitatations & Other (Paperback)

This book is most useful for it’s explanation of how the envelopes for wedding invitations are addressed, i.e. who’s name goes first, what do you write on the inner envelope, etc. It also has helpful Questions & Answers sections. However, if there’s something wedding-related that you want to do in style, there’s a good chance that he’ll have an answer for you. Wedding, shower and party invitations; thank-you notes; reaffirmations of vows; etc.

No one brings the knowledge, elegance, and good taste to weddings and wedding stationary that Crane does. From announcing the engagement to writing that final thank you note, Crane has helped thousands of brides prepare for, and create the mood for, their special days. Now, with Crane’s Wedding Blue Book, every bride can have a private consultation with the best in the business. Steven L. Feinberg directs customer development for Crane & Co. and travels extensively, giving workshops and seminars on stationary style and etiquette.