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Have a Cheap Wedding and Save Money

cheap wedding ideas
cheap wedding ideas

You don’t have to spend more to get what you want. When you negotiate on for each supplier, you don’t have to accept the price they ask. Negotiation is about building a positive relationship to get more out of the supplier. You must know how to ask a discount.

Ask for your friends and family to be a special part of your wedding day. Think of musicians you know, well-spoken friends who could be your officiant, and crafty people who can help you assemble things. Ask them to help you to make invitations, centerpieces, and other homemade touches. Ask for their suggestion for what they did to save money on their big day.

Food is the most expensive parts of the wedding. Tell your caterer that you need to save money. Consider heavy appetizers or a sandwich-style buffet. Or ask for your family friend to cater your wedding to help you save the money for food.

You can cut the expense of flowers by minimizing the flowers you have in your big day. To cut your budget, you can only use flowers for the bride, the groom, and a few key people in the wedding party. Consider using candles, ribbons, or other inexpensive decorations to combine with flowers.

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