Ball Gown Strapless Formal Prom Dress #567 (8, Burgundy) Big Discount

This Ball Gown Strapless Formal Prom Dress #567 (8, Burgundy) is very pretty. It really is stand out in a crowd. This dress looked as good as the picture. It is just a stunning, splendid, figure complementing dress that is elegant and well made. It arrived more quickly than I expected. I really hope my reviews help any woman who chooses this dress. Be sure to pick a size that’ll match you. I was wearing this to my son wedding that i was in and I gotten a lot of compliments. This dress is very slimming, it slims down your waistline also it covers the tummy area.

Product features:

  • Designer ladies dress sizes run smaller than off-the-rack dresses. Buyers must select their size from the size chart.

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Review: Beautiful dress, average shipping..
Dress is beautiful and as exactly shown. The back part is zip-up and if you’re not the exact chart measurement, then it will need to be altered. A shawl is included. It was shipped immediately after purchase, however, I did not understand why the cost of the dress was written higher than sold. Reason why I mention this is because I am a buyer from Canada, and so the price of the dress affects the custom fee amount. I paid an extra $50.13 CAD for custom fee. Shipping price for the dress was $73 USD and so the price of shipping was costly.