Ball Gown Formal Prom Strapless Wedding Dress #2665 (8, Royal Blue) Promo Discount

This Ball Gown Formal Prom Strapless Wedding Dress #2665 (8, Royal Blue) is very pretty. It’s stand out in a crowd. This dress is definitely more gorgeous in person compared to the picture. Completely lovely, very perfect and well made. The gown came before the day it had been expected. I would recommend this gown and also this seller. You need to pick a size that can match you. I used this to my son wedding that i was in and I gotten many compliments. This dress is extremely slimming, it slims down your waistline also it covers the tummy area.

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Review: More than the quality you could expect at a store like Deb (MA) or Sophisticated Lady (in CA).
My 17yo daughter is delighted with this purchase, which speaks volumes more than I (the purchaser) could speak about it. She wanted to look like a princess for her final high school prom, and this dress will help to make it happen.

The fit is precisely as described. She wears a size 4-5 in real life (about 130lb., 5’8″ tall), but we paid attention to the specifications. After measuring her bust and waist, we decided to order an 8 from this seller. The fit is perfect. When she is in heels, the gown just dusts the floor.

Despite a small hangup about the marked size (really, it is the same as a size 8 would have been when I was in high school…most current mfrs. just adjust the size to stroke a few egos), my daughter is delighted. Her delight is my main interest regarding this gown.

The construction of the gown is more sturdy that I expected. I do not consider this to be a one-time-use purchase. For the price of a gown at DEB (in MA) or a Sophisticated…