How to Find Help Paying for Drug or Alcohol Treatment in Texas

As in many states across the nation, drug and alcohol abuse is a big problem in Texas. As anyone that has been an alcoholic or drug addict would tell you, dropping this kind of dangerous habit can be nearly impossible. One of the only options for gaining long-term recovery is completing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.


Unfortunately, the treatment provided at such facilities can be quite expensive. The price can range anywhere from near $7,500 on the low end to near $75,000 on the high end. Thankfully, there are ways for Texas citizens to obtain help to pay for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

The first thing a Texan should do in this kind of situation is look over his or her health insurance policy. Not every policy will pay for the complete cost of alcohol or drug addiction rehabilitation. However, certain policies do have coverage to pay for this kind of treatment.
The amount that such a policy will actually pay out for the treatment depends on the terms of the coverage as well as the specific treatment being sought. However, there is the possibility that some of the expense will be paid for.

After thoroughly exploring insurance options, the next thing a person seeking help paying for rehab should do is investigate different financing options available. To do this, a person should actually visit different rehabilitation centers and inquire about what financing options are offered.

Many facilities in Texas offer something referred to as ìneeds-
basedî financing. With such a financing plan, the facility actually pays for a portion of the treatment. Such needs-based financing options are possible due in part to funding from the government. These options are made available because many people know that people with serious addictions are also likely to be in financial turmoil.

If these other options are exhausted, there may be the possibility of a person receiving free treatment for drug or alcohol addiction from certain rehab centers. While this may seem too good to be a true, a number of different rehab centers that do not charge patients for specific kinds of rehab programs are available in the state of Texas. Such programs are available due to assistance from the state and federal government.

The difference in price may result in the facilities of such rehab programs being a lot less impressive than those of programs that charge a lot of money. However, an addict can still reap great benefits from using such a facility’s rehab program. If you are curious about the success rate at such a facility, the staff there will likely be happy to give you statistic on the recovery rates of people that have completed their rehabilitation programs.

Lastly, a person may want to enlist in a local support group for addicts. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have many chapters in different cities across Texas. Such support groups exist entirely through donations. This means a member only has to pay what he or she can afford.