The Significance of Versatility in Christian Counseling

Proverbs makes a point of saying that wisdom is to be sought after. Solomon likens it to a precious jewel, something to be cherished above all other things. Furthermore in our own culture the wise are often esteemed and respected in culture. But for the Christian counselor what does it mean to be wise? How can we know if we our being wise? There seem to be so many options for every situation, how do you know how to the best one? The book of Proverbs can teach us, perhaps a few hidden things about wisdom.

A Time for Everything

First off it is important to realize that wisdom is situational. What does this mean? Simply put there is a not a clear-cut solution for every problem. You have to take people case by case. How do you know this is true? In Proverbs 26:4 Solomon says not to answer a fool according to his folly. However, in the very next verse he says to answer a fool according to his folly. What does this show us? Solomon is pointing out here that wisdom is not always a clear answer; there are different solutions for different problems. Otherwise Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, save Jesus, just contradicted himself.

Individuality in Counseling

So, how does this play out for the counselor?  If you are dealing with an abuse case you must realize that you might not deal with the next abuse case the same way. You must understand your people. Seek to get to know them, and understand. Become students of them just as much as you are a student of their condition. If you are dealing with a rape victim, it does not mean that you are going to deal with the problem the same way twice. There will be a new victim with a new personality and new types of needs. It is a grievous mistake to try and rationalize every person the same way. If we consider every substances abuser to have the same needs then we have forgotten that they are human, and have simply made them an equation. People are going to be different, so you must take each case individually.

A Perfect Example

Jesus Christ is a blazing example of this for any Christian counselor. You never catch the Savior having the same formula for all the people he encountered. He is different, every time. Christ knows His flock well, and responds to them individually. He understands where Zacchaeus is coming from, or what the Pharisees needed to hear. He seeks to learn about the woman at the well, before He corrects her. What we can learn from Jesus about counseling is that everybody is different. Jesus respected a person’s individuality, and therefore could really help them. Underscoring the importance of this dynamic are Paul’s words to the Thesselonians, “We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone.” (1 Thes 5:14).  Each situation calls for a different approach.  When you boil it down when you are a student of your victim, and seek to understand them, all you are doing is caring.

About the author:

Ben lives in So Cal where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications.  He supports cooperatives like Don Rowe through his writing and loves to play music.

Simple Things You Can Do To Be A Better Photographer

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Photography is great as a profession, a hobby, or just as a way to recall times, events, and people that you want to preserve the memory of. Either way, this article will give you some tips on how you can take better pictures, and get the results you are looking for.

Use manual white balance to spice up your photos. It is possible to let the camera decide the proper white balance for a given environment, but sometimes the camera will get it wrong and the photo will look washed out. Using a manual white balance also allows you to take artsy photos with sepia tones, for instance.

Keep your pictures relatively simple. A good image should be straightforward and easy to interpret and appreciate. It is important to take meaningful pictures, but in most cases your pictures will say more if you focus on a detail rather than put together a complex composition that might not strike people as much.

When taking a picture outside, try to do so either in the morning or before the sun sets. This is because the sky is not as high in the sky during these times, so the subject of your picture will not have as much of a shadow as it would during the midday hours.

The number one lighting to avoid in photography is the use of your built in camera flash. Using the flash setting in your camera actually creates the dreaded red eyes and makes your subjects appear featureless shadow blobs. Only use this setting in the case of an emergency if you are left with no other choice.

Whenever you go on a trip, start taking pictures right away. When you reach your location, you are bound to find places to take pictures, though also make sure to pay attention while you are traveling, and you may find some wonderful places to shoot. Document the journey; you may be able to find some interesting things at an airport.

Take pictures of anything and everything on trips. While the pictures might not seem particularly important to you at the time, they will stir up wonderful memories of your trip when you look through them later. Snap odd stuff like weird roads, currency, odd consumer products and random houses.

Are you aware of the “magic hours” in photography? This time period refers to the times of day known as dusk and dawn. These magical times create very soft and warm lighting conditions. There is only 45 minutes around sunrise and sunset to add this beautiful light to your shots, so plan accordingly.

If you do not have a tripod available to use for low lighting situations, try using your motor drive. Try to turn it up to high and then proceed to take a series of shots. Disregard the first shot and go ahead and keep the others that will always be sharper than the first.

If you plan to shoot images indoors with fluorescent lights overhead, you should make an appropriate adjustment to your camera’s white balance settings. Subjects will not look their best under the harsh light from fluorescent bulbs, so adjust the color settings on your camera.

Experiment with different perspectives and scales in your images. Even an ordinary object can be transformed into a work of art if its setting makes it appear dramatically magnified or diminished in size or placed in a situation that is humorous or unique. To get a new view of a familiar object, work on the compositions.

Create the perfect photo! There is no such thing as taking a great shot, unless you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. For all the rest of the times, great images have to be created by you, the photographer. Take the time to set-up the images that you want to shoot.

Shoot your subject quickly. If there is any chance of your subject moving, take the shot as quickly as you can. You never know when your subject will move, or get tired of waiting for you to take the shot. It’s better to shoot right away and get too many pictures, then to wish you had.

The most important thing to remember about lighting when taking photographs is this: the less light you have to create from artificial resources, the better. By all means, use a flash if you need to, but always strive to use natural light if at all possible. Even when shooting indoors, open the windows, and let mother nature’s light stream in.

Decide if you are interested in a subject before you photograph it. Know that if a subject is seeming boring to you, it is going to be boring to future viewers of the image. Take some time to make your shots interesting, and you will be rewarded with better shots.

When you are looking to get tack sharp shots by using a tripod, you need to get a remote so that you can eradicate camera shake. Also, you can use the timer on the camera. Even if you don’t have a tripod, this can work great, but you’ll need a stable surface to set it the camera on.

Taking beautiful photographs is something that a lot of people wish they could do. Funny thing is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to make that happen. If you follow the tips from this article, anyone can have better looking pictures that friends and family will drool over.

Picking The Right Diet Plan

Deciding to go on a diet is a big step in your life. While you may have wrestled with the idea of doing so for months, it is a big step to admit to yourself that it is time to get your eating in check for a healthier tomorrow. There are some people out there who can succeed on a diet that is not attached to a structured program. While these people are few and far between, they are able to do it because they have the vision, and will-power, to get it taken care of. For the rest of us, a little bit of structure does a lot of good, which is why programs like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig have a large following. With that said, if you are trying to decide Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig for your diet, it is important that you take the time to get some info on who is best for your exact needs.

One of the best places to turn to get info on both of the programs is the Internet. While online reviews should not be treated as the “Gospel” when you search, they will be able to give you at least some basic info regarding what each of the programs give you, and how they fit into people’s life. While both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are going to have their fans and detractors, one of the first things that you’ll find is that there is some disparity in the price, and what you get for the money you spend. For example, Jenny Craig can cost between $500 and $650 a month, while Nutrisystem tends to run between $250 and $350. In addition, a good amount of Jenny Craig reviews contain complaints about the lack of support from the staff, which is one of the biggest selling points of the programs.

While you are apt to find some complaints on the Nutrisystem reviews, you do tend to find more negative Jenny Craig reviews than you do Negative Nutrisystem reviews. Because people are spending more with Jenny Craig, they tend to expect more from the program, which is where they tend to be let down.

The Benefits Of Bodybuilding Supplements

Those who are working on building a bigger physique have a variety of Supplements to choose from. The science of nutrition and how it relates to physiology is improving all the time. There are several products available that have a significant effect on the body. They make it possible to build bigger muscles faster than ever. Developing a plan with a fitness professional will help decide on the best products to use. They are excellent ways to supplement the diet to make workouts more effective.

Some people think cutting back on food intake will make it easier to burn fat when starting a program to build muscles. This is inaccurate as it takes a lot of intense exercise to work off extra body fat and increasing strength. To fuel the workouts, a great deal of extra food must be consumed. The body’s metabolism will increase and keep working harder for a longer time, so the extra calories will be easy to burn off. As long as the extra calories come from fruits and vegetables, the body will get all the right nutrients. Extra protein should be added to increase calorie intake and give muscles the resources they need to grow.

Building strength and growing larger muscles requires intense workouts that focus on resistance and weight training. The weight needs to be very heavy in every exercise with only short periods of rest between each set. The intensity is important because it increases the number of calories that can be burned and maximizes the speed that muscles can grow. A key factor in getting the best results from the exercise is having access to the right Sports Supplements. There are protein drinks and various chemical compounds the increase testosterone and other bodily chemicals that are essential for muscle growth.

The key to building a better body is in the balance of exercise and diet. A professional trainer will be able to help set up a program and recommend the right supplements. It takes a lot of work to get big and there are no short-term fixes. These are lifestyle changes that require commitment and dedication. However, there are more supplements than ever and the research is getting better all the time.

Why You Need a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Finding the right type of home can be difficult if you are not using a real estate agent. This is why it is so important for you to consider Granite Bay commercial real estate in order to get professional service that you can rely on. The most important thing to remember when hiring a real estate agent is that you are in charge of telling them what you are looking for in a home. There are many things to look for in a brand new home but these are things that you will need to discuss with your agent so that they know exactly what type of home to look for for you.

Sacramento commercial real estate is also great for those who are looking to open a brand new business. You need the perfect location when starting a new business because this is what clients will see when they pass by or when they visit you to make use of your services. By speaking to a local agent you will be able to find a great commercial property that fits each and every one of your needs as well as your budget. Make sure to contact a local agent so that you can begin working with them right away on the commercial property of your dreams.

Whether you are looking for a brand new house or a commercial property it is so important for you to work with an agent who is there for you and will help to find you exactly what you need. Great things come to those who work with professionals and this is why it is so important for you to research the specific real estate company in your area so that you find exactly what it is that you need. Your agent will be more than happy to work with you on finding a great property that you will love for many years to come.

How to Find Help Paying for Drug or Alcohol Treatment in Texas

As in many states across the nation, drug and alcohol abuse is a big problem in Texas. As anyone that has been an alcoholic or drug addict would tell you, dropping this kind of dangerous habit can be nearly impossible. One of the only options for gaining long-term recovery is completing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

Unfortunately, the treatment provided at such facilities can be quite expensive. The price can range anywhere from near $7,500 on the low end to near $75,000 on the high end. Thankfully, there are ways for Texas citizens to obtain help to pay for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

The first thing a Texan should do in this kind of situation is look over his or her health insurance policy. Not every policy will pay for the complete cost of alcohol or drug addiction rehabilitation. However, certain policies do have coverage to pay for this kind of treatment.
The amount that such a policy will actually pay out for the treatment depends on the terms of the coverage as well as the specific treatment being sought. However, there is the possibility that some of the expense will be paid for.

After thoroughly exploring insurance options, the next thing a person seeking help paying for rehab should do is investigate different financing options available. To do this, a person should actually visit different rehabilitation centers and inquire about what financing options are offered.

Many facilities in Texas offer something referred to as ├Čneeds-
basedî financing. With such a financing plan, the facility actually pays for a portion of the treatment. Such needs-based financing options are possible due in part to funding from the government. These options are made available because many people know that people with serious addictions are also likely to be in financial turmoil.

If these other options are exhausted, there may be the possibility of a person receiving free treatment for drug or alcohol addiction from certain rehab centers. While this may seem too good to be a true, a number of different rehab centers that do not charge patients for specific kinds of rehab programs are available in the state of Texas. Such programs are available due to assistance from the state and federal government.

The difference in price may result in the facilities of such rehab programs being a lot less impressive than those of programs that charge a lot of money. However, an addict can still reap great benefits from using such a facility’s rehab program. If you are curious about the success rate at such a facility, the staff there will likely be happy to give you statistic on the recovery rates of people that have completed their rehabilitation programs.

Lastly, a person may want to enlist in a local support group for addicts. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have many chapters in different cities across Texas. Such support groups exist entirely through donations. This means a member only has to pay what he or she can afford.

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No Worry Dentistry Is Present in Bethesda

The only people whom don’t believe possessing an attractive smile is significant are the types whom already have one. The vast majority of people are fortunate, and get to mature inside of family homes where their own moms and dads teach them to be able to brush and even floss their particular teeth, plus that take all of them to visit a dental practice consistently with regard to cleanings, x-rays, and even checkups. These people carry on and attend to their particular teeth during their grown-up life, plus teach any children they might have as their mothers and fathers coached all of them. However, never assume all individuals were lucky enough to end up being born with a excellent smile or perhaps to have got mothers and fathers who coached them in suitable oral hygiene or even that took these individuals to a dental office.

An attractive smile is truly one of those actions that could be obtained at virtually any age. It’s rarely too late to get hold of a knowledgeable Bethesda dentist such as the Mazza Center for Implant and Esthetic Dentistry (, and give nature a little aid. Right now it will be easy for any dentist Bethesda to deliver a variety of treatment options that will improve, not really a individual’s visual appeal, but moreover their own ability to correctly chew their own food items. Many of the more routine dental care treatments include things like regular maintenance exams to make certain no issues have developed, cleaning and also polishing, x-rays, fluoride remedies (for the children), cavity filling, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges and much more. Most dentist techniques also get treatment to rebuild type and also performance to the people whose teeth have already been harmed in injuries. Car plus sports accidents, for example, are common factors behind damage to teeth.

It’s only natural to run across men and women who’ve abandoned the specialized care involving their teeth since they’re afraid the dental office could cause them discomfort. The very thought of lying on their back to have a dentist’s equipment inside their jaws can make these individuals truly feel frightened and out of control. Hence, many people steer clear of the dentist’s office until the neglect involving dental hygiene triggers difficulties so substantial that the suffering they lead to becomes in excess of their particular fear of dental offices. Virtually all modern day dentistry establishments are caring about all the needs regarding these kinds of people, and possess numerous techniques/tools to reduce and even clear away the anxiousness and suffering these individuals experience.

Yoga As Well as Bali Results in Nirvana on Earth

It has oftentimes long been mentioned, via many individuals, that Bali, the particular jewel of Indonesia, is definitely the quintessential heart, head as well as body capital on the planet. There is absolutely no improved location in which to quiet one’s views, lengthen someone’s actual physical capabilities, or to wind up in touch with an individual’s internal self. As a good post from the Australian Yoga Journal not too long ago stated, existence becomes “beautifully uncomplicated” when exercising bali yoga while in the calmness along with beauty of a Balinese rain forest. It is definitely even more so whenever virtually all a person’s sensory faculties are currently being adorned by means of a carefully orchestrated along with remarkably nurturing Bali yoga retreat.

In fact, there are those who fervently trust the potential of turning out to be one with the universe, there with nature, alongside each and every thing that encompasses one. This is often needless to say specially so whenever ensconced among the lush, environmentally friendly, and extremely living environment actually features Bali. If this describes a thing you would want to feel by yourself, arrange to come to Bali’s very own Blooming Lotus yoga retreat Bali associated with not only personal non secular awareness, peace along with recovery, but additionally yoga instructional classes, yoga coach training along with accreditation. There’s no retreat anywhere in the world like gorgeous Bali yoga retreat with regard to religious, mental and physical restoration.

No matter whether you desire sophisticated yoga exercises teaching, a new tranquil getaway from the tension of your normal lifestyle, or even a meditation retreat, Bali offers it to express in spades.Just like you no doubt already know, exercising yoga exercise is an exceptional approach to discharge poisons one’s body presently retains. This occurs through the improved activity of lymph fluid as well as by way of perspiration. Yoga exercise is usually advised through cancer doctors as a a beneficial alternative healthcare regarding sufferers.

Even so, although you may at present adhere to a nutritious dietary, workout as well as relaxation routine, yoga continues to be an excellent method whereby to liberate anxiety, increase someone’s freedom, strength, immunity AS effectively as intellectual serenity and contentment. It is not easy to assume a better review of the technique of yoga and fitness, than to come stay for just a long weekend or even a 7 days on the Blooming Lotus in Bali. The sole real question is even if anyone is every likely to wish to leave this type of incredible area.

Exactly what Your Counselling Contract Has to Include

The vast majority of mental health professionals have a agreed upon written contract in hand ahead of meeting with a person the first time, yet there are a few counsellors who don’t use this type of contract. Doing this can be devastating because this contract outlines several important aspects of your counselling plan. At the very least, the contract really helps to set the expected results of your client. Commonly claims develop merely because patients don’t feel much better right away and they then blame the provider rather than the issues they happen to be coping with. The contract explains regression along with a worsening of emotions, in addition to other unexpected effects, are not abnormal, therefore the person will not be unpleasantly surprised whenever they take place. The agreement helps to create restrictions as well as to ensure that the client realizes this is definitely a union between a therapist and the individual, rather than among buddies. Presents, social invitations, and additional things of that nature are simpler to decline when the patient has been told in advance they are not allowed. Make certain the agreement also talks about regular evaluations, as this helps to ensure that the client won’t think it is unusual and set back the process of healing. They’re just a few of the points you’ll want to put in your written agreement. To check out an actual written contract used by quite a few, have a look at the counselling contract example available at It’s actually a good starting place for developing your own, if you choose to not use the agreement just as it is!

Garage Recording Music Artists Just Received a Even More Professional Sound

Apparently the dividing line which separates expert recording musicians from amateur garage music groups is appearing far more light every day. For ever since the recording business has existed, those performers who had access to authentic recording studios have generally had the edge when it comes to getting the eye of record labels. All things considered, exactly what possibility would a home made cassette tape own against an expertly generated recording?

Luckily, this actuality has been shifting from the time of the particular daybreak of the laptop or computer age. You Tube and residence recording tools of near equivalent quality to what the professionals work with (plus in some situations, far better) now have flattened the field substantially. With the popular Blue Yeti microphone’s provision by means of to anyone that desires to get it, the gap between the masters as well as the actual newbies narrowed more. Now, an additional development is now on the scene … the Blue Yeti pop filter ( This particular pop filter for the Blue Yeti microphone does precisely what virtually all pop filtration systems are meant to do, that is, it will take levels of sound blocking cloth and inhibits terms that commence with letters similar to “P” and additionally “B” from “popping” air directly into the actual mic using a thump. It smooths every enunciation and next eradicates all noise distortion.

The actual great aspect of the Blue Yeti filter is that it actually fits with the Blue Yeti product a lot better than does their own pop filtering! Thus you may enjoy the obvious tone of a single of the industry’s best microphones without suffering from any undesired air puffing, and additionally devoid of experiencing the headache which generally has complemented endeavors to make use of the Yeti microphone. You get sound distortion free recording free of voice degradation, as well as at a very affordable price tag, also. Since the filter will probably be combined with your Blue Yeti microphone, it can certainly be properly used with virtually any USB microphone by simply clamping it to the work space or tabletop. It fastens properly to square or maybe rectangular mic arms and gives some sort of movable goose neck that permits for precise placement. It is indeed a very good thing that this quality concerning recording products are now readily available to the community, given it forces the competition to end up being much more about real talent and significantly less about recording gear.

Love A Garden, Do not Spend Your Time Working in It

Everyone enjoys to enjoy a gorgeous garden unfortunately not every person possesses the the opportunity to dedicate to keeping their very own garden nicely maintained, well watered and planted. A tattered backyard garden delivers an sad appearance to others which is definitely not the story you want to send out in the public. In case you, like half of the populace, already are as pre-occupied as is possible to always be with other things, your dwelling, loved ones and so forth, and you don’t obviously have plenty of time to spend looking after your backyard garden, the thing to do should be to employ a belfast garden services to assist you maintain stuff looking up-to-date. They’re going to cut, barrow, trim as well as plant, and of course if you’d like, next help LANDSCAPE GARDENING BELFAST.

By going this way it is possible to appreciate your garden as opposed to having it cause you to labour within your vacation time. Rather than coming back home and operating the particular lawn mower, you can actually take a seat on your back garden wall and even esteem the flowers as they bloom. Perhaps you’ll even elect to charm your friends and relatives there while in the cool associated with the actual day. During the early mornings, it is possible to take your tea outside and luxuriate in just communing with nature. Life’s limited … enjoy the garden the way was supposed to be.